How does WINTERIZE IT PRO work?

Winterize It Pro is designed to speed up the process of properly protecting your marine engine’s powerhead cooling system for outboard motors and PWCs. It expels all remaining water with its powerful propellant. As the propellant pushes the product through the cooling ports, it leaves behind a protection that will prevent any remaining water to freeze. Winterize It Pro contains a proprietary ingredient in the formulation which adds a protective coating to the internal metals and seals of the powerhead cooling system.


What position should my engine be in when using WINTERIZE IT PRO?

The engine should be on a level surface and the engine/drive should be in the down position.


Will WINTERIZE IT PRO work on my outboard and personal watercraft?

Winterize It Pro was only designed for outboard motors and PWCs (it is not designed to be used on inboards or inboard/outboard motors). If your outboard motor or PWC has a built in flush kit that connects to a garden hose (spigot), then the answer is yes. If not, you will need to retrofit your engine with the appropriate connection. Most engines manufactured after 2000 are equipped with the connection.


Is one 10.7 oz. can of WINTERIZE IT PRO sufficient to protect my engine?

Although 10.7 oz. is adequate for most engines, some engines may require more than one can. You must clearly see Winterize It Pro exit the exhaust chambers to know it has completely protected your cooling system.


Is WINTERIZE IT PRO the only thing I need to do to protect my engine?

No, you should follow all manufacturer's instructions to properly winterize your marine engine. Winterize It Pro only protects the powerhead cooling system of your marine engine.


Is WINTERIZE IT PRO safe to use on my engine?

Winterize It Pro is safe to use on all outboard motors and PWCs equipped with built-in factory flush kit. It does not contain any harsh chemicals.


What if my engine won't start, can I still use Winterize It Pro to protect the power heads cooling passages?

Yes, but it's highly recommended after completing all other aspects of winterizing and immediately after fogging your engine that you turn off your engine and use Winterize It Pro while it is still at operating temperatures.  This allows Winterize It Pro to take advantage of the thermostat still in the full open position.  However if you can't get the engine started, thermostats generally have a small bypass even when cold, to allow water, or in this case the fluid from Winterize It Pro to pass through.


How often do I need to use WINTERIZE IT PRO?

Use every time you Winterize or planning on storing your engine for more than 3 months. Once used it will remain in the engine until the engine is started and water runs through the engine. 


Does my engine need to be running to use WINTERIZE IT PRO?

No, in fact your engine must be TURNED OFF when using. The strong propellant in Winterize It Pro does all the work and does not need the traditional use of the water pump to pull the product through the engine.

Should I bring my engine to operating temperatures prior to using WINTERIZE IT PRO?

Yes, as you perform all the necessary winterizing aspects of your engine, the last step should be to TURN OFF your engine after reaching operating temperatures and then use Winterize It Pro as the last step. When Winterize It Pro exits your exhaust you will know that it has completed its circulation through  our engine’s powerhead cooling system.


Will WINTERIZE IT PRO void my warranty?

No, Winterize It Pro will not void your warranty.

Is WINTERIZE IT PRO made in the USA?

Yes it is proudly made in the United States.

Do you ship the product internationally?

Yes and No. We do ship internationally, but there are certain regions we cannot ship to. There are additional fees that apply to international orders. Please contact us with the destination country.

What if I would like a refund?

You can return your unused, undamaged item for a full refund. Please contact us for more information.